AutoCAD Printing and CTB

Do you use more than one CTB file when printing in AutoCAD?  More than 10?  40?  What if I said you really only need 1, the Monchrome.ctb file?  Read on to find out how… If you already understand CTB files, ... Civil 3D and Infraworks 2022 are Here

Autodesk has released the latest version of their Civil Engineering package, Civil 3D 2022, and its partner in crime, Infraworks.  Click to peruse the Autodesk Documentation. Recap 2022 has also been given some ... Autodesk Desktop Connector Update

Do you use BIM 360 and AutoCAD products?  Do you have the Autodesk Desktop Connector installed?  If so, there is a new update.  This may not be news to you as there are frequent updates, but this one is somewhat ... Label Genie for Civil 3D: New Features

Label Genie, with it’s recent debut, changed how we do Civil 3D sheet annotation. Allowing automated insertion of labels across multiple drawings and layouts at once, Label Genie turns hours of work into minutes. ... Auto Grader for Civil 3D: New Features

Auto Grader is a game-changer in Civil 3D site grading. Through dynamically linked feature line sets, users can create grading families for parking lots, ponds, subdivisions, and more. The latest release features ... Earthwork Processor for Civil 3D: Subgrade Volume Calculations

Earthwork volume calculations can be a complex task in Civil 3D, especially with variable depth subgrades found in many site projects. With the CTC Earthwork Processor in the CIM Project Suite, this work is done ... Installing AutoCAD 2022 and Other Autodesk 2022 Applications

AutoCAD 2022 is here and it has a new installer.  Very few clicks are required, which is good and easy, but what if you need to customize your installation?  Read on… Installers can be customized by logging ... AutoCAD 2022 is Here

It’s springtime and the birds are singing.  Also, Autodesk has released the latest version of their flagship CAD package, AutoCAD 2022.  Click to peruse the Autodesk Documentation. Read on to see some notes ... Civil 3D Double Click Customization

Is there a Civil 3D object that you would like to double click and run a specific command?  if so, read on.  (This works for AutoCAD commands too.) Try double-clicking an Alignment.  The AutoCAD properties ... CTC & Feature Lines – Establishing the Hierarchy of Power!

Which option do you choose when creating a feature line? In my early days of learning Civil 3D I was given an analogy of buckets. That any of the objects in a site, “Bucket”, could not interact with other ...