Autodesk Desktop App: Replaced

The Autodesk Desktop App (ADA) gets installed on users’ computers when Autodesk applications are installed. Its purpose is to read which Autodesk software is installed on the user’s machine and provide information ... Sheet Set Manager for Web: Printing in the Cloud

This is a follow-up to my previous article discussing using ACC for the storage of AutoCAD Resource files. If you’re using the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) and publishing using the Sheet Set Manager (SSM), ... RAW Design Inc.

[…] Lumion Transition to Subscription

[…] CTC Software: The Benefits of Cloud Shared Licensing

CTC Software has enhanced their licensing model in June 2022, all new licensing is facilitated through Cloud Shared Licensing (CSL) now. This shift to CSL means that moving forward the 2023+ releases of their ... AEC: How to Save Time and Money from Operation Managment?

Reducing 31200 hours of work annul= $1,872,000 CAD Saving Remember when the architect sent over a change last week, what was the dimension we had to move that door by? You search through your notes and emails ... The Challenges in the MEP Industries

Pain Point: Disconnected Workflows: separate tolls being used by project stakeholders and disconnected workflows internally with firms result in the costly duplication of effort and increase work time. The inability ... Why BIM in MEP?

Why BIM in MEP? 75% of a project’s operational costs in the first 10 years are MEP related. Implementing BIM solution can demonstrate a savings of just 8 minutes per employee each week, and a reduction in change ... What is BIM? Why BIM Adoption?

In 2020, the research finding from the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries in Canada state that: 94% acknowledge that BIM is the future of project information and design practices 90% ... Why BIM in AEC Firms?

What is BIM? Why BIM Adoption? Is your existing workflow process seamless? Is there repetition or duplication of effort? Is data being re-enter from time to time? How do you handle changes? How many tools do ...