• AEC: How to Save Time and Money from Operation Managment?

    Shirley Sio
    Account Manager

    Reducing 31200 hours of work annul= $1,872,000 CAD Saving

    Remember when the architect sent over a change last week, what was the dimension we had to move that door by? You search through your notes and emails for several minutes before finding the conversation from last week that she’s referring to.

    How much of an effect does this drag on productivity have on your day?   In a 15-person office, each person can spend up to two hours a day searching for data-that’s $200,000 per year wasted!

    Let us do a rough calculation here:

    120 minutes X 300 employees =36,000 minutes

    2400 minutes / 60 mins = 600 hours wasted each week

    600 hours X 52 weeks = 31200 hours

    31200 hours per year X $60 employment hourly rate =$1,872,000 CAD

    $1,872,000 CAD/ a year of operation is wasted with unproductive work process.

    SolidCAD has many successful cases in thriving BIM implementation in various cases. We have a great team of experts supporting individuals and organizations in terms of BIM training and helping them to set up a strong foundation project to reach independence.

    Please feel free to reach out to me at shirley.sio@solidcad.ca for more information.

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