Survey/CAD/GIS Dataflow Webinar

May 10, 2021 @ 13:30:00 ET (60 mins)

Join our webinar for Surveyors lead by our Infra/GIS Technical Services Team to learn how we can help you to address the need to standardize and modernize survey, design, stakeout, and data integration workflows to industry best practices. Align field and office survey workflows and CAD using GIS and learn how to implement a new standardized system including software, templates, subassemblies, styles feature codes, linework connectivity codes and more.

This webinar will cover:
1. Survey: the beginning and the end of the dataflow loop
• Field / Office Data Collaboration
2. Processing your Survey data for Design
• Transformation
• Integrated Standards
3. Survey Data for Design and Stakeout
• Receiving Survey Data for Design
• Providing Appropriate Survey Stakeout for Construction Data
• Buildings
• Transportation
• Utilities
4. Data and Document Management
• BIM and GIS integration