FME Cloud

FME Cloud

Safe Software's hosted version of FME Server

Data Integration

Want to automate data integration workflows, but don’t have the hardware or resources to support FME Server? Look no further than FME Cloud.

FME Cloud is a hosted deployment option for FME Server. Instead of spending hours on set-up and configuration, you can have FME Server up and running in minutes.

What’s even better? FME Cloud can be used as a pay as you go service so you’ll only ever pay for what you need.

Why FME Server?

Automate & Save Time

Repetitive, mundane tasks are, by definition, boring. Leave these tasks to FME Server so you can spend your time solving exciting problems and identifying how you can help lead your organization to success.

  • Process data in real-time using event-based triggers in Automations
  • Create schedules to run workflows at regular intervals
  • Run workflows in parallel with Job orchestration
Manage Data Securely

With more data being collected than ever, it’s critical that your enterprise has a well-organized, secure system for managing data. Keep track of exactly where data is and how it’s being integrated in a private, well-trusted environment.

  • Complete tasks in a highly secure system
  • Establish roles and rules according to data governance policies
  • View which Jobs are running, have been queued, or are completed
  • View workspace details online without opening FME Desktop
Make Data More Accessible

With a single FME Server license, you can support multiple data users via the web. Want more? Use FME Server to create self-serve data portals or plan submissions that anyone, with or without a license, can access.

  • Build FME Server Apps that anyone can access
  • Create and share your projects across the web
  • Maintain consistency across data sets with application integration
  • Create a web page that displays all your FME Server Apps with FME
  • Server Gallery Apps
Make Informed Decisions

With an abundance of data available, decisions should be made based on facts and not just on hunches. By having data organized, cleaned, and ready for use, you’ll always be making the most informed next steps.

  • Use a configurable REST API to control how data is integrated
  • Monitor the status of events and assess risks effectively
  • Rely on up-to-date, validated data


Highly Scalable

Things change. And change usually means new data and more of it. Scale up by adding more engines to your existing license, or use Dynamic Engines for those one-off projects that require some extra processing power.


Data will always be safe with FME Server’s fault-tolerant architecture. The robust architecture with built-in component and translation recovery is designed to handle any problems that come your way.

Deploy Anywhere

Want to use FME Server in the cloud? Migrate workflows from on-prem to FME Cloud easily. Now, you’ll be able to do everything you were able to do with FME Server without having to worry about hardware requirements.