FME Server

FME Server

Automate Data Integration Tasks with FME Server

Automate your Data

Automatically steer data in the right direction with FME Server. Bring your workspaces from FME Desktop to the web and allow anyone within your network to harness the data integration power of FME.

Run workflows on a schedule or when an event is triggered to keep data flowing. Keep up-to-date with any changes by automatically sending notifications to any stakeholder. With FME Server, you can rest easy knowing data will always be where you need it when you need it.

Why FME Server?

Automate & Save Time

Repetitive, mundane tasks are, by definition, boring. Leave these tasks to FME Server so you can spend your time solving exciting problems and identifying how you can help lead your organization to success.

  • Process data in real-time with event-based triggers in Automations
  • Create schedules to run workflows at regular intervals
  • Run workflows in parallel with job orchestration
  • Build FME Server Apps that anyone can access
  • Maintain consistency across data sets with application integration
Manage Data Securely

It’s critical that your enterprise has a well-organized, secure system for managing data. Keep track of exactly where data is and how it’s being integrated in a private, well-trusted environment.

  • Complete tasks in a highly secure system
  • Set roles and rules according to data governance policies
  • View which jobs are running, have been queued, or are completed
  • View workspace details online without opening FME Desktop
  • Launch instances from one of seven AWS regions around the world


Scale Up or Down Easily

It’s inevitable that when you’re dealing with data, your processing needs will change from time to time. Easily upgrade your instance size and add more cores and RAM as needed. With more power, you’ll be able to complete your integration tasks faster.

Flexible Pricing Model

With FME Cloud, you’re in control of your costs. Pay by the hour with rates dependent on your instance size. Upgrade or downgrade your requirements so you’re only ever paying for what you need. Or, save even more with an annual subscription.

No Hardware Requirements

Skip the hassle of dealing with hardware and have FME Server ready to use in minutes. Using FME Cloud to deploy FME Server allows you to put all your efforts into focusing on your integration and analysis needs.

Unlimited Engines

How many additional engines can you access with FME Cloud? As many as you need. Process multiple jobs at the same time and keep all data organized, cleaned, and ready to use.

Integrated Alerts and Monitoring

Easily set up alerts based on conditions that may impact the uptime and performance of your instance directly in FME Cloud. This makes it easy to optimize performance and deliver a high level of uptime.


Run the most secure deployment of FME Server without lifting a finger. FME Cloud’s architecture is built using Amazon Web Services which uses high-grade encryption and supports all major compliance standards.