Digital Specification for the Construction Industry

About NBS

Get the benefits of digital specification with NBS, the world’s leading specification platform for construction. NBS Chorus brings you the power of specification, Revit integration and global collaboration, and is complete with a full set of content for Canadian projects (using Canadian Master Specification and National Master Specification).

For over 40 years NBS has been helping the construction industry build better and in 2017 acquired Alberta-based Digicon. Thousands of architects, designers and specifiers across the world use NBS to rapidly develop specifications online, to the latest construction standards, saving them huge amounts of time and money and reducing their risk.

NBS Chorus

The Platform

NBS Chorus is a global, cloud-based platform used by organisations of all sizes from small architecture and engineering firms, to the very largest global construction companies. It runs in a web browser and works on any modern device.

Why Chorus

The online specification platform, enables you to work more effectively, collaborate better and connect your model and specification.

Unlike MS Word, NBS Chorus has been purpose-built for specification authoring. It allows users to rapidly develop specifications via the web on any device, using an intelligent set of tools to save time and improve accuracy.

Powerful collaboration via the browser enables the whole team to work together in realtime across offices and time zones.


Limitless Access

The online specification platform allows users to have access from anywhere, on any capable device. All that’s required is an internet connection.

Save Time and Reduce Risk

Save time and rely on our multi-disciplinary specialist team to keep on top of thousands of changes to construction standards.

Smarter Than Any Word Processor

 Unlike MS Word, the Chorus interface is intelligently connected to our extensive content libraries.

Integrate your Revit Model

Link your Revit model and specification together, reducing the risk of information becoming out of sync.

Empower your Team

Empower your team members to work together on specs in real-time, across organizations, locations and time zones.

Complete Canadian Content

Access the most comprehensive, high-quality content available, including NMS, CMS, and Uniclass 2015.