At SolidCAD, our mission is to provide and deliver technology solutions and training that improve our client’s processes, workflow and profitability.

Our training includes:

  • Tips and tricks for improving your productivity in the latest version of software
  • The best practices for making the most of your software and improving workflow
  • Incorporating sample projects and exercises that simulate real-world scenarios
  • SolidCAD offers training certified under Autodesk, Bluebeam and CanBIM.

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As an Authorized Autodesk and Bluebeam Training Centre, we offer three training options to meet the needs of firms and ensure you have the best support and training options to make the most of your technological investment.



This training is open to all students and conducted at our SolidCAD Authorized Training Centres.

With open enrollment training: 

  • Dates are pre-determined and scheduled in our training calendar
  • All training is hosted at our SolidCAD training facilities located in our offices across Canada
  • Course manual and training laptops are included

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Customize curriculum to meet your training requirement and business goals.

With custom training: 

  • Topics are tailored to suit user skills and knowledge requirements, time and budget
  • Training can be hosted on-site or at a SolidCAD Authorized Training Centre
  • Courseware manual (if required) and laptop rentals for onsite training are available

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Training Courses

Custom Training

Over time, custom training has become much more popular than traditional standard classroom training. It is not surprising considering how clients are continually finding new innovations to set themselves apart from their competitors. With custom training, we tailor the agenda to emphasize areas of greatest relevance for the type of work being performed and the deliverables being produced. We make every attempt to incorporate our client’s drawings and models as part of the subject matter to illustrate how the software will be used in their specific application. This type of custom-tailored learning experience accelerates productivity and ensures highest retention of new methods.

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