The Vault Pro Toolkit from SolidCAD is a collection of utilities which complement the powerful features of Autodesk Vault Professional. By leveraging our expertise gained from 10+ years of Vault implementations within companies all across North America combined the skills of our software development team, we created these unique productivity enhancements at no cost to the greater Vault community.
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Vault Professional 2016 (English)


Initial Release for Vault Professional 2016


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Through the use of Vault Mirror Plus, data stored within the vault can quickly and easily be copied out to any location. The utility can be either run on-demand or on a pre-set interval using a scheduled task which ensures that the copied data is always up-to-date.
Would you like a quick and easy way to scan your working folder to identify if there are any files which have never been uploaded into the vault? Ensure that the time you’ve spent to create these files is not wasted by using Workspace Inspector. Through a simple and intuitive interface, any user can quickly analyze their working folder to obtain a report of files which do not reside within the vault.
Through the use of our Job Queue Monitor, an email is sent to designated recipients at whatever time interval is most convenient. Very easy to deploy and configure, administrators of the Job Queue will definitely love our Job Queue Monitor utility!
Through the use of this Vault Explorer extension, setup of new projects in the vault is greatly simplified as existing folder structures can easily be cloned. This greatly reduces the time and effort required to configure the vault environment. The copy operation also supports cloning folder categories, lifecycles, properties and permissions.
When working within vault, there are many times when there are folders which exist in vault but do not yet exist within the working folder. Although these folders can be created using Vault’s “Go To Working Folder” command, it is not efficient when there are multiple folders as the command must be run multiple times – once for each folder. Instead, through the use of our Vault extension, many folders within the vault can be created within the working folder with a single operation.