• AutoCAD 2019

    Matt Kolberg
    Technical Consultant — INFRA/GIS at SolidCAD  

     AutoCAD 2019 

    Autodesk has released the latest iteration of its flagship drafting application AutoCAD.  Here are some of the highlights.


    • AutoCAD 2019 remains on the 2018 format. Files saved with 2019 can be opened in 2018.

    DWG Compare

    AutoCAD will highlight the differences between two selected drawings.

    Shared Views

    Share a view of your AutoCAD drawing online with others. Those users are not required to have AutoCAD installed since the AutoCAD file is viewed online in their web browser.  The DWG is not uploaded to the cloud, only the shared view.  Invited participants can view, print, measure, and mark up the view.


    Autodesk has two apps for viewing and editing online; The Web app and the Mobile app.

    Industry-Specific Toolsets

    AutoCAD subscribers now receive the following Autodesk applications in addition to AutoCAD:

    • Architecture
    • Electrical design
    • Map 3D
    • Mechanical design
    • MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing)
    • Plant 3D, including P&ID functionality
    • Raster design


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