• Autodesk Software Downloads

    Matt Kolberg
    Technical Consultant — INFRA/GIS at SolidCAD  

    History has indicated that when downloading Autodesk software, one must also manually choose to download and install the appropriate updates for said software. This is often a point of contention as it’s an extra step. “Why can’t the updates be rolled up into the downloads?” you may ask. Well, starting September 19th, and slowly until Mid-October, downloading applications WILL include the most recent updates. No extra step!

    But I did say it was “often” a point of contention; it isn’t always. Some organization need to control the versions installed on their users’ computers. This paragraph is for you. Simply put, the latest updates WILL be part of the downloads soon and you may not have the option to choose an application with an earlier update. So far, there’s limited information and I can’t provide you with answers to your inevitable questions like “Can I choose not to have updates rolled into the download?” and “Will I be able to remove the updates once the app has been installed?”

    Once the new plan has been rolled out, I hope to be able to answer these for you. Stay tuned.

    Autocad Update

    For any questions reach out to your sales rep or contact us at info@solidcad.ca