• CTC BIM Projct Suite 2020 – Invisibility Advisor

    Mughees Altaf
    Account Manager — AEC Productivity Tools at SolidCAD

    Find improperly displayed elements in Revit with Invisibility Advisor. Part of the BIM Project Suite, this tool can also identify the cause of invisibilty as well as offer useful information and links to relevant knowledgeable articles for each issue.

    Common Challenges

    Revit users may spend 2-4 hours a week on average resolving object visibility issues

    Revit has various ways of finding objects, and users rarely check all

    Often invisibility can be controlled by multiple factors and multiple users

    Solution – Invisibility Advisor

    Invisibility Advisor searches through almost 60 different factors affecting an object’s invisibility

    Advice is offered to assist with understanding why the object(s) were not visible

    In many cases, an instant ‘Fix’ option is available to resolve the visibility issue automagically

    The Invisibility Advisor can remain on screen while you work, so visibility solutions are available at your fingertips


    At even 1 hour per week time savings, Invisibility Advisor can save an average firm $3400/year/Revit user

    For more information visit CTC Productivity Tools to learn more, and download free trial.

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