Civil 3D Styles: Object Naming Defaults

Civil 3D Styles: Object Naming Defaults So, you’re in charge of your company’s Civil 3D standards and drawing template and you’re annoyed when users don’t use the documented naming convention.  Read ... Autodesk Desktop Connector Update

Autodesk Desktop Connector  Autodesk is spending many resources getting their cloud system tweaked just right.  Yet another version of the Desktop Connector has been made available.  Read on to find out more. ... Civil 3D: Grading Optimization Problem

Civil 3D: Grading Optimization Problem Do you have an issue displaying the Grading Optimization (GO) window with Civil 3D 2022.1 and GO 2022.2?  If so, read on. I have been working with GO since it arrived, ... Civil 3D: Designing a Pond with a Sloped Bottom

Are you designing a pond with a sloped bottom?  If so, you may be interested in this technique. To watch the short video demonstrating the complete quick step-by-step process, click here. […] Civil 3D: PPK Extension

Many of our customers desire the ability to transform Civil 3D data between coordinate systems.  This was challenging or impossible…until now!  Read on… It is available for Civil 3D 2019-2022.  Read more ... Autodesk Desktop Connector Update

We are excited to share with you the highlights of the latest Autodesk Desktop Connector update! Enhancements are: Folders Shared using Autodesk Drive are now visible on the desktop when using Desktop Connector. ... Earthworks Processor Alternative Use Cases – Mapping Borehole Information

Earthworks Processor is a great tool in the CTC CIM Project suite for automating hours of surface creation and manipulation for the purpose of calculating dynamic and accurate earthworks quantities. With the ... CIM Project Suite 22.0.3 Released

We are pleased to announce that our partner CTC Software released Civil 3D CIM Project Suite, version 22.0.3. It is now released and can be accessed on the CTC website. Below are release notes: 22.0.3 9/17/2021 ... Create Easy Surface Statistics Labels with Dynamo

In this blog, our Civil/Infrastructure Technical Product Specialist, Jae Kwon, will cover how a Civil 3D user can use an automatic way to create surface statistics labels with Dynamo. Instead of Civil 3D users ... 15 time-saving labeling shortcuts with CTC’s Label Genie (Part 1)

Label Genie can save you a ton of time by creating all sorts of useful labels quickly. Here’s 15 examples that you can use right now. Descriptions of the settings are included, but to really get up and ...