BY: Mahsan Omid The latest version of Autodesk Revit (2024.1) is just out! Soon after the last release of version 2024 in April this year, Revit 24.1 continues to promote some of the most intriguing and much ... https://www.solidcad.ca/whats-new-in-revit-architecture-2024-1/ How digital technology is transforming the Canadian construction industry

The construction industry is undeniably a crucial pillar of Canada’s economy and society. However, in the 21st century, it faces a multitude of challenges and opportunities, including workforce shortages, ... https://www.solidcad.ca/how-digital-technology-is-transforming-the-canadian-construction-industry/ Flow and Pressure Drop Calculations Available in MEP Fabrication Elements

Have you noticed in Revit you have to choose between ducting and piping that supports flow propagation OR ductwork that is modelled for the intent of fabrication? In the 2024 release of Revit, Autodesk has made ... https://www.solidcad.ca/flow-and-pressure-drop-calculations-available-in-mep-fabrication-elements/ Streamlining File Sharing in Autodesk Construction Cloud: Exploring Three Effective Methods

Efficient file sharing is crucial for seamless collaboration in construction projects. In the realm of Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), users have access to powerful tools and features that facilitate the sharing ... https://www.solidcad.ca/streamlining-file-sharing-in-autodesk-construction-cloud-exploring-three-effective-methods/ Autodesk Desktop App: Replaced

The Autodesk Desktop App (ADA) gets installed on users’ computers when Autodesk applications are installed. Its purpose is to read which Autodesk software is installed on the user’s machine and provide information ... https://www.solidcad.ca/autodesk-desktop-app-replaced/ Sheet Set Manager for Web: Printing in the Cloud

This is a follow-up to my previous article discussing using ACC for the storage of AutoCAD Resource files. If you’re using the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) and publishing using the Sheet Set Manager (SSM), ... https://www.solidcad.ca/sheet-set-manager-for-web-printing-in-the-cloud/ AutoCAD 2024

Well, it’s that time of year again when Autodesk bestows us with the latest release of their flagship drafting application. Click here for Autodesk’s documentation. Read on to see which features speak to ... https://www.solidcad.ca/autocad-2024/ CTC Software: The Benefits of Cloud Shared Licensing

CTC Software has enhanced their licensing model in June 2022, all new licensing is facilitated through Cloud Shared Licensing (CSL) now. This shift to CSL means that moving forward the 2023+ releases of their ... https://www.solidcad.ca/ctc-software-the-benefits-of-cloud-shared-licensing/ Desktop Connector Update

If you’re an Autodesk Docs/BIM 360/ACC user, this update is for you. A major update is now available. Previous versions were numbered 15.x.x. We are now on 16.x.x. Here is an FAQ. Here is the download page. ... https://www.solidcad.ca/desktop-connector-update/ Sheet Set Manager: Multi-Line Titles

If: Your sheet titles are too long for a single line in your title block and, You use the sheet set manager to control these titles and, You would like to control where the line break occurs… Read on… Multi-line ... https://www.solidcad.ca/sheet-set-manager-multi-line-titles/