Cithara Guitars Inc. 

Company Profile

Cithara Guitars is a Custom Guitar Shop located on the mountain in Hamilton Ontario, forty-five minutes west of Toronto, On. Cithara Guitars offers a full line of hand crafted acoustic and electric guitars, as well as repairs and restorations. They also offer the opportunity for customers to come to the shop and design their very own guitar. 

Project Profile

Cithara Guitars Inc. is a custom guitar shop dedicated to creating a full line of hand crafted acoustic and electric guitars, as well as providing repairs and restorations. Cithara Guitars Inc. offers their clients the opportunity to come to the shop and design their very own guitar.

Founder, Daniel Clark previously used AutoCAD to design each guitar. After many years, most of the designs developed within AutoCAD created many challenges when it came to production. The greatest challenge with working only in a 2D environment resulted in fit and finish issues that could not be easily resolved on a CNC machine, leaving Daniel with a great deal of hand blending in complex areas before finishing.

Cithara Guitars turned to SolidCAD in search of a comprehensive workflow from initial design through to production. Peter Shupe, Industry Technical Consultant at SolidCAD assisted Daniel Clark, and directed him to Autodesk Fusion 360, the first 3D CAD, CAM, and CAE tool of its kind.

With Autodesk Fusion 360, Cithara Guitars was able to completely design and manufacture their guitars within one environment. Having the ability to test both fit and finish, create photorealistic renderings and simplify the production process overall.

Daniel Clark was able to efficiently fabricate each custom design using a CNC mill without any rework or errors. Both SolidCAD and Cithara Guitars continue to work closely together, helping Daniel Clark create and develop his design skills to improve his 3D model.

Working Model of Cithara Guitars in Fusion 360

Images of the Final Product



“SolidCAD was a game changer for us, it took our product to the next level. It ensured that the fit and finish was perfect and exactly how I wanted it to be before we went into production. Being able to have full renderings allowed us to communicate with our clients more effectively, allowing us to show them what their guitar would look like before we even started production. SolidCAD is an amazing services company and I’d recommend them to anyone.”


Daniel Clark

Founder of,

Cithara Guitars Inc.