Rapid Expansion: Increasing CNC Programming Capacity to 300% with FeatureCAM!

Company Info:

Manufacture Scorpion is a manufacturer/distributor whose mission is to make the world’s best pneumatics and vacuum technologies available quickly and easily to North American companies. As the largest Pneumax partner, they have exclusive agreements with the world’s best suppliers to achieve their goal, allowing them to offer the best technology and help their customers be world-class.

Based in Granby, QC, Manufacture Scorpion pioneered 24-hour service in North America for pneumatic cylinders. Their manufacturing employs the best machining technologies to achieve the fastest manufacturing speeds so their customers don’t have to wait. Their goal is to be the fastest to deliver.


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As an industry leader, Manufacture Scorpion has experienced rapid growth, demanding fast expansion without sacrificing the quality and speed that their customers have grown to expect. With this expansion came challenges such as training new employees and acquiring new software licenses and post processors for new equipment. Knowing they needed a highly skilled team and could not afford delays; they reached out to SolidCAD to create personalized training program for new employees.

Manufacture Scorpion already had a standing relationship with the SolidCAD team. They have used FeatureCAM for 10 years to program their CNC equipment and, as an Autodesk Partner, SolidCAD has often provided technical support to help resolve programming challenges. This long-standing relationship gave them the confidence to reach out and face this newest expansion together.


To meet their increasing demand, Manufacture Scorpion acquired a new CNC machine, which required a new post processor created by SolidCAD. Along with the custom training, SolidCAD’s professional services  team also continues to offer remote technical support for all their programming needs.


  1. The ability to program parts on multiple workstations has allowed them to increase their CNC programming capacity to 300%.
  2. Their personalized training programs allow new team members to hit the ground running without losing unnecessary time in the onboarding process.
  3. Remote technical support with the SolidCAD team’s flexible availability allow for any challenges to be resolved quickly and avoid delays.

Products & Services Used:

Scorpion Manufacturing


Personalized Training

Post processor creation

Technical support


“The availability and flexibility of the instructors, and their ability to offer services without delays made all the difference. The team dedicated to remote technical support by phone and email is also unparalleled.

They made the FeatureCAM software easy and efficient to use, which makes a big difference compared to other CAM software. It allows us to be aligned with our vision of the service and quality we want to offer our customers.”

Bruno Roy, Director of Production at Manufacture Scorpion Inc