Company Info:

PROCEPACK is a firm specializing in the purchase and sale of packaging and process equipment. They serve customers from a wide range of industries from food and cosmetics to pharmaceuticals. They leverage their vast and established network of partners to source the best materials to meet their customer bases’ diverse needs.

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Facing the Future Together – Increasing Productivity and Efficiency with Inventor Pro and Vault Pro

The Challenge

PROCEPACK found success with their previous software, creating high-quality products for their customers, but they knew they were capable of more. As they planned for the future, they began to feel frustrated by lack of communication with their former software provider and felt like their business needs were not being truly understood. Their questions were often met with estimates rather than conversations and they began to feel ignored. As a company who value partnership and strong business relationships with their customers, they knew they needed to find a software provider who felt the same way.

Additionally, offering custom packaging presents its own challenge. PROCEPACK needed software that they could fully rely on to create high-quality fully customizable designs in a cost-efficient and time-efficient manner. With such a vast customer base, they needed a system that could accommodate the ever-changing needs of not just their industry, but the industries of all their customers.

The Solution:

PROCEPACK connected with SolidCAD, not only looking for software solutions, but for a long-term partner to support their continued growth. They had several conversations with the SolidCAD team to discuss their goals and needs and worked together to find a solution.

They decided to upgrade to Inventor Pro to insure they could create custom designs accurately and consistently. Additionally, after further understanding PROCEPACK’s vision and needs, our team recommended Vault Pro to facilitate easy and flexible document management across teams.

Confident with our new partnership, and impressed by the skill of our technical staff, PROCEPACK also opted for custom programming to increase efficiency and reduce unnecessary time and money spent on tasks that were easily automated. Our teams continue to communicate regularly and maintain a strong relationship as we grow together into the digital future.

The Results:
  • PROCEPACK have been able to increase productivity
  • Reduced cost through automation of their environment, including their ERP
  • Documents can be easily accessed online without the need for physical records
  • Both SolidCAD and PROCEPACK have gained a strong partnership and built a positive relationship for years to come

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