Compressible Flow

FluidFlow helps engineers overcome gas pipe flow systems challenges and accelerates project completion.

With FluidFlow, engineers can be confident in the design solution achieved for low or high velocity gas flow systems. The compressible flow software solves the conservation equations and equation of state for small increments ensuring an accurate solution. Conditions including choked flow are automatically detected, allowing you to develop a detailed understanding of plant performance.

FluidFlow is used by engineers to:
  • Automatically size pipes, ducts, fans, compressors, control valves, safety relief devices, orifice plates and nozzles.
  • Study plant performance & determine gas physical properties throughout entire system.
  • Conduct thermal heat transfer analysis for pipes and ducts.
  • Evaluate vendor fan and compressor performance and identify energy saving opportunities.
  • Analyze heat exchanger performance.
  • Identify cause of operational issues with existing plant and evaluate solutions.
  • Automatically detect choked flow conditions.
  • Highly accurate results developed using a “marching” solution algorithm.
  • Comprehensive fluid and component database, as standard.
  • Quickly and easily add fluids and components to master database.
  • System design solution using real gas conditions.
  • Create gas mixtures (by mole or mass %).
  • Composite fan curves (Series and Parallel).
  • Evaluate impeller trimming.
  • Simulate variable speed fans.