Non-Newtonian & Slurry Flow

FluidFlow is used to determine pressure losses and design flow distribution systems transporting settling slurries, non-Newtonian fluids and Pulp & Paper Stock.

The software helps you characterize your slurry or non-Newtonian fluid and design your system. Diagnostics help you identify potential pipe blockage and size pipework and pumps effectively and accurately.

FluidFlow is used by engineers to:
  • Automatically size pipes, pumps, control valves, relief devices (ISO & API), orifice plates and nozzles.
  • Predict particle deposition velocities.
  • Prevent likelihood of pipe blockage.
  • Evaluate vendor pump performance identifying energy saving opportunities.
  • Study plant performance & determine slurry physical properties throughout entire system.
  • Identify cause of operational issues with existing plant and evaluate solutions.
  • Develop EGL/HGL graph plots to help evaluate performance of pumps installed in series in long distance distribution lines
  • FluidFlow is provided with a database of fluids, pumps and equipment. You can also add your own data. •
  • Solids derating.
  • Pump power usage.
  • Simulate variable speed pumps.
  • Evaluate impeller trimming.
  • Determine solids delivered in settling slurry systems.