Thermal Energy Transfer

Engineers can study heat transfer effects at heat exchangers, pipes and fittings.

Heating and cooling of fluids is fundamental to any process plant, particularly in Chemical + Petrochemical industries. Full evaluation of heat transfer for energy recovery or energy efficiency is a critical task that can be performed easily within FluidFlow. A comprehensive database of insulation materials means engineers can optimize energy usage by including conduction, radiation, and convection losses.

Engineers can choose from a range of heat transfer options:
  • Buried pipe calculations.
  • Pipe heat loss/gain calculation.
  • Fixed heat transfer rate.
  • Fixed temperature change.
  • Ignore heat loss/gain.
  • Outside Surface temperature calculated.
  • Heat energy transfer calculated.
  • Overall heat transfer coefficient calculated.
  • Fluid temperature changes calculated.
  • FluidFlow is provided with a database of thermal conductivity values for pipe materials, coatings, insulation and soil types. You can also add new data.
  • Track changes in fluid phase state arising from heat transfer.
  • Buried pipe heat transfer.