Liquid Module – FluidFlow

The Liquid Module is used to accurately design and analyse liquid flow systems across a diverse range of industries. Customers have seen significant reductions in design costs, faster project delivery and continue to experience increased productivity and quality of plant design.

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Product Description

  • Delivers fast and accurate designs for Newtonian fluids.
  • Friction loss modeling of liquid piping systems is enhanced with the extensive database available in FluidFlow3 – pumps, valves, pipes and many more components can be modeled using engineering data straight from the database.
  • Determines system operating pressures, flow distribution, valve performance (Calculated Cv & % open), and fluid physical properties throughout the entire system. Heat Transfer functionality is included as standard.
  • Powerful auto-sizing technology built in, allowing you to size pipes, pumps, valves, orifice plates, and safety relief valves at the touch of a button.
  • Allows for the modeling of a wide range of line equipment items.