Scripting Module – FluidFlow

The Scripting module is a powerful tool that enables dynamic analysis of piping systems allowing designers to understand the operating behaviour of systems.

FluidFlow3 customers can use scripting to run time-based scenarios, optimize system designs and automate design tasks. A wide range of design tasks can be undertaken such as: identify the most efficient operating speed of multiple pumps; determine the optimum insulation thickness for piping systems; and simulate pressure and velocity fluctuations in systems with changing demand profiles.

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Product Description

  • Allows the user to perform dynamic analysis on a model. These time-dependent simulations allow investigation into tank fill/drain times, system pressure as demands vary, control philosophies, and more.
  • Ability to export your results to excel also means that you can post-process the outputs of your scripting exercise, and visualise the data in the most intuitive way.
  • Allows you to manipulate the flowsheet – to highlight pipes with fluid travelling above a specific velocity, for example. It can be used to calculate pipe volumes, line pack for gas systems, and even run times for pumps and compressors based on the control philosophy to be employed.