Slurry Flows – FluidFlow

Customers have repeatedly identified FluidFlow3 as the most reliable tool on the market for the complex modeling of slurry flows.

FluidFlow3 slurry modeling consistently enables our users to avoid settling in pipes and to be confident they are designing a robust system. The ability to model complex slurries (with both settling and non-settling elements) ensures FluidFlow3 users can deliver slurry pipeline designs with significantly reduced resource requirements.

Non-Newtonian liquids are characterised as liquids with varying viscosity properties within the piping system. FluidFlow3 is used successfully to model non-Newtonian fluids in a diverse range of industries, including Mining, Medical (including blood flow) and Food Production.

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Product Description

  • Provides the power to design robust slurry pipelines by providing the ability to model heterogeneous settling slurries, non-Newtonian slurries, and complex slurry flows for broad particle size distributions that display both settling and non-settling characteristics.
  • Removes the complexities associated with designing pulp and paper process systems and helps engineers improves plant operating efficiency.
  • Used successfully in the design of concentrate pipelines, tailings, and paste backfill systems as well as systems with coarse particles including: coarse coal slurry, sand systems with high clay content, and crushed metal ore pipelines.
  • The industry choice for the design and modeling of efficient & reliable slurry flow systems.
  • HGL/EGL plots identify strategic positions for multiple pumps installed in series in long overland pipelines.