• Meridian Accelerates Time to Market through Engineering Document Accuracy

    As an excellent solution for any life sciences business with full support for E-Signatures and E-Records compliance, Accruent’s Meridian provides 3 key features:

      1. Ensure compliance with FDA 21 CFRPart 11, and Annex 11
      2. Fully realized change control for all engineering documentation
      3. Enable team collaboration through a secure single source of truth

    Here are some big numbers that prove Meridian is one of the top document management platform choices:

    Stats related to Meridian's user base

    Accruent’s Meridian technical document management solution can assist life sciences companies overcome the common issues found when dealing with vast amounts of asset information while maintaining full compliance requirements required by the industry. Teams will always have access to the latest versions of documents that are fully approved.  Through electronic signature control, your business will accelerate time to market by managing change control faster and with full traceability for audits.

    What can your company achieve with Meridian?

    Always be in control of your technical data.

    • Ensure the team is working on the latest approved documentation.
    • Provide accurate printing of documents with watermarking ability.
    • Full version control and revision management in a secure environment.

    Deliver new products on time.

    • Arm your maintenance teams with the most up to date documentation in the field.
    • Provide a robust and easy search tool for all technical documents.
    • Avoid production delays due to out of date information.

    Reduce audit issues with less risk of noncompliance.

    • Full audit trails – know when and who made changes.
    • Avoid costly fines and delays with life science specific regulations.
    • Workflows ensure consistency across teams and working sites.

    Empower your teams with improved communication.

    • Access to markup tools and comments on all technical documents.
    • Find the exact document you need quickly via robust search features.
    • Improve team cohesion by providing the same view of official documentation to both engineers and maintenance & operations.

    To learn more about Meridian solutions and how they can help your team, please contact the SolidCAD Meridian team.