• Vehicle Tracking Update 2018.1

    Matt Kolberg
    Technical Consultant — INFRA/GIS at SolidCAD  

    Vehicle Tracking Update 2018.1

    Autodesk has clearly spent considerable resources developing this update.  There are many fixes and enhancements in this Vehicle Tracking 2018.1 update.  You will find information about the update here.  Click this link to view a recorded webinar.  The update can be installed with the Desktop App or by downloading it from Autodesk Account.

    There is one critical change that will affect all users.  There has been a mid-cycle format change for the vehicle tracking objects.  Don’t worry, the drawing format is not changing, just the vehicle tracking objects; roundabouts, swept paths etc.  What this means is if a drawing is saved with 2018.1 and then opened in 2018 without the update, the vehicle tracking objects will appear as proxy objects and therefore not editable.  All users’ workstations must be updated concurrently.

    Since grip-editing is very popular method for editing vehicle tracking objects, it is recommended to install the Map 3D hotfix previously blogged.

    A brief look at the changes:

    • Object format change.
    • Get units from the drawing.
    • Parking tool enhancements.
    • The majority of the enhancements are related to roundabouts and their corridors.
      • Better baseline and region development.
      • Slip lanes are now 3-dimensional.
      • Fixed overlapping corridor links.
    • Defect fixes.


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