Dynamo for Revit 2.17 Upgrade – Part 1

Introduction Navigating through the intricate world of Dynamo, it is crucial to stay updated on its continuous enhancements and refinements. In this part, the first of a series dedicated to Dynamo updates, we’ll ... https://www.solidcad.ca/dynamo-for-revit-2-17-upgrade-part-1/ WHAT’S NEW IN REVIT ARCHITECTURE 2024.1

BY: Mahsan Omid The latest version of Autodesk Revit (2024.1) is just out! Soon after the last release of version 2024 in April this year, Revit 24.1 continues to promote some of the most intriguing and much ... https://www.solidcad.ca/whats-new-in-revit-architecture-2024-1/ Revit: Update Room Finish Schedules with CTC Spreadsheet Link

Modifying and updating a room finish schedule in a Revit project can be a tedious task. Working in an itemized Revit schedule makes it time consuming to modify data cell by cell. Have you been tasked with this ... https://www.solidcad.ca/revit-update-room-finish-schedules-with-ctc-spreadsheet-link/ Why BIM in MEP?

Why BIM in MEP? 75% of a project’s operational costs in the first 10 years are MEP related. Implementing BIM solution can demonstrate a savings of just 8 minutes per employee each week, and a reduction in change ... https://www.solidcad.ca/why-bim-in-mep/ What is BIM? Why BIM Adoption?

In 2020, the research finding from the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries in Canada state that: 94% acknowledge that BIM is the future of project information and design practices 90% ... https://www.solidcad.ca/what-is-bim-why-bim-adoption/ Why BIM in AEC Firms?

What is BIM? Why BIM Adoption? Is your existing workflow process seamless? Is there repetition or duplication of effort? Is data being re-enter from time to time? How do you handle changes? How many tools do ... https://www.solidcad.ca/why-bim-in-aec-firms/ Autodesk Desktop Connector Update – June 2021

June 1, 2021 (v. Do you use BIM 360 and AutoCAD products?  Do you have the Autodesk Desktop Connector installed?  If so, there is a new update.  This may not be news to you as there are frequent ... https://www.solidcad.ca/autodesk-desktop-connector-update-2/ Revit MEP and CTC– Schedule XL

Having troubles keeping your MEP notes from Excel in Revit up to date? Schedule XL is the right tool for you. Schedule XL allows you to create schedule views (drafting view or schedule view) within Revit from ... https://www.solidcad.ca/revit-mep-and-ctc-schedule-xl/ Plumbing Code Calculations With Spreadsheet Link and Schedule XL – Part 2

Posted from CTC BIM Project Suite White Paper Library –  CTC Software Result When the workflow is developed and implemented, the entire building occupancy can be calculated in a minute, and the code validation ... https://www.solidcad.ca/plumbing-code-calculations-with-spreadsheet-link-and-schedule-xl-part-2/ Plumbing Code Calculations With Spreadsheet Link and Schedule XL – Part 1

Posted from CTC BIM Project Suite White Paper Library –  CTC Software The Issue Revit® has trouble with complex calculations and the ability to run cross-category math. This can be frustrating when design ... https://www.solidcad.ca/plumbing-code-calculations-with-spreadsheet-link-and-schedule-xl-part-1/