• What is BIM? Why BIM Adoption?

    Shirley Sio
    Account Manager

    In 2020, the research finding from the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries in Canada state that:

    • 94% acknowledge that BIM is the future of project information and design practices
    • 90% of participant organizations already experienced a certain level of BIM implementation in their current operation
    • 80% of participants shared their BIM files with at least one external organization
    • Near half of these participants encountered interoperability obstacles in their projects    – AECO Lab Innovation
    • 55% of participants identified BIM helps to reduce their production costs by up to 50%  National Research Council Canada
    • 58% of expert users agree BIM reduce their production time to 50%
    • 87% of participants experienced positive ROI
    • 93% of users believe there is potential gain and increase value from it in the future  -National Research Council Canada

    A number of government projects in Canada are requiring BIM data for the last 5 years. It is a new trend for the Land developers and AEC industries to adapt the BIM technology to different stakeholders’ aspects.

    If you want to understand and learn more about BIM Implementation and approach, we have a great team of experts supporting individuals and organizations in terms of BIM training and helping them to set up a strong foundation project to reach independence. SolidCAD has many successful cases in thriving BIM implementation in various cases.

    Please feel free to reach out to me at shirley.sio@solidcad.ca for more information.

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