• Why BIM in AEC Firms?

    Shirley Sio
    Account Manager

    What is BIM? Why BIM Adoption?

    Is your existing workflow process seamless?

    Is there repetition or duplication of effort?

    Is data being re-enter from time to time?

    How do you handle changes?

    How many tools do you have to use to resolve that change order?

    Here are the sources of over-budgeting in operations and late project deliverables:

    • Poor collaboration
    • Low productivity
    • Low quality result
    • Overtime
    • Rework loads

    Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a powerful technology implemented by many leading countries over the last 20 years. Canada remains the only G7 country without a national BIM mandate.    –Government, Technology, Daily Commerical News

    If you want to understand and learn more about BIM Implementation and approach, we have a great team of experts supporting individuals and organizations in terms of BIM training and helping them to set up a strong foundation project to reach independence. SolidCAD has many successful cases in thriving BIM implementation in various cases.

    Please feel free to reach out to me at shirley.sio@solidcad.ca for more information.

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