Two-Phase Module – FluidFlow

Two-Phase flow systems are often difficult to design and analyze. Customers use the FluidFlow3 Two-Phase Module to successfully develop a detailed understanding of their systems, reduce costly design errors and eliminate undesirable operating conditions.

FluidFlow3 tracks vapour quality throughout your piping systems and plots the flow pattern map for each pipe segment.

Customers designing plant for the Power Generation, Steam, Geothermal, Refrigeration, Oil & Gas and Cryogenic industries have realised significant benefits from using the Two-Phase Module.

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Product Description

  • Used successfully by engineers worldwide to design and simulate piping systems for complex industrial processes.
  • Our client base expands across a diverse range of industries including oil and gas production, steam utilities, geothermal systems, pressure relief systems, refrigeration, chemical, and nuclear industries.
  • Includes eight two-phase correlation methodologies, some of which represent the most successful approaches to this complex phenomenon.
  • Automatically tracks fluid phase-state throughout your system, performing flash calculations, liquid holdup calculations and develops flow regime maps for each pipe segment.