Quinn Digital Asset Protection Inc. Customer Success Story

Company Info:

Quinn Digital Asset Protection Inc. has been in the business of protecting property, product, and people assets since 2006, but our team of over 30 professionals has many decades of experience in the asset protection and commercial security industries. With employees and contractors from coast to coast, they deliver cutting-edge security solutions for companies across Canada. Their clients include retail national accounts and chains and leading names in the corporate and commercial property sectors.

Quinn Digital Asset Protection Inc. also provides analysis, insight and strategy to companies seeking “new technology” solutions (i.e., digital, and Internet-enabled) to enhance their asset protection systems.

Quinn Digital partners with industry-leading technology providers to give you access to advanced, durable, and reliable products coupled with excellent manufacturers’ support and warranty programs.



Quinn Digital Asset Protection Inc. Customer Success Story

Quinn Digital Asset Protection Inc.


The Challenge

Quinn Digital was in search of a robust and efficient system to enhance the communication between field operations and the office, as well as to streamline the process of tracking assets. They were looking for a solution that could accommodate numerous endpoints and personnel in the field, facilitating the recording of securely installed assets while ensuring precise verification and maintaining a detailed log of all activities. Furthermore, it was imperative for the field crew to have access to an intuitive and visually oriented tool that would simplify their workflow and make it user-friendly.

The Solution

To address their needs, Quinn Digital found the perfect solution in Autodesk’s Construction Cloud ‘Build.’ This comprehensive software offered a user-friendly desktop interface and a convenient mobile app, empowering the field crew to effortlessly locate installation points visually and capture and document field verification with precision.

Although the features of Build seemed promising, Quinn Digital recognized the importance of expert assistance for smooth implementation and effective utilization of the software. Therefore, Autodesk brought in SolidCAD’s Construction Team of experts to collaborate with Quinn Digital. SolidCAD guided the team through the initial setup process, configuring the software according to Quinn Digital’s specific requirements. Additionally, SolidCAD’s team conducted comprehensive training and workflow sessions, equipping the field crew with the necessary skills to maximize the benefits of Autodesk Build’s functionalities.

The Outcome

Through the collaborative efforts of Autodesk, SolidCAD, and Quinn Digital, the implementation of Autodesk’s Construction Cloud ‘Build’ was successful. Quinn Digital now had a powerful tool at their disposal, facilitating efficient field-to-office communication, streamlined asset tracking, visual identification of installation points, and accurate documentation of verification records.

By seamlessly integrating Autodesk Build into their workflow, Quinn Digital experienced an increase in overall efficiency. The user-friendly interface and powerful features of the software saved time and resources by streamlining tasks that were previously labor-intensive and required extensive coordination.

Moreover, the combination of Autodesk Build and SolidCAD’s services resulted in reduced risk for Quinn Digital. The visual tools in Build ensured accurate documentation and verification, minimizing errors, and enhancing data reliability. This reduction in risk allowed projects to progress smoothly and with greater confidence.

Overall, the implementation of Autodesk Build, with the support of SolidCAD, significantly boosted Quinn Digital’s operational efficiency and mitigated potential risks. As their collaboration continues, Quinn Digital can anticipate further growth and success in their digital practices across the company.

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“Our experience with SolidCAD has been positive from the start.  They have a good understanding of the Autodesk Build application and lead us to a solution.  Post sale service, training and support has been exceptional.”