• 4 New Features Architects should know Revit 2019.2

    Michelle Ovelson
    Technical Consultant — AEC at SolidCAD  

    Autodesk’s release of 2019.2 included some interesting features that Architects should be aware of.  There were a couple minor improvements to the program itself, but it seems like a larger effort is being placed on improving the functionality of Revit alongside BIM 360.

    Day to Day improvements: 

    1. Zoom functionality in schedule views.

    This is pretty handy for large schedules or if you are using a hard to read font style.

    How to Zoom in/out for schedules:

    CTRL +  = Zoom in
    CTRL – = Zoom Out
    CTRL 0 = Zoom Reset

    Alternatively, you can hold down CTRL and use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

    2. Removed “Element is too small on screen” warning

    Gone are the days of having to move something far away so you can move it to the right spot just to avoid this warning.

    If you are working with BIM 360:

    1. Easily save non-workshared Revit files to the cloud

    Rather than uploading non-workshared files onto BIM 360, you can now save them directly to the cloud.  This will be really handy for smaller linked files that may not need to be workshared.

    2. Better collaboration with Civil 3D and topography

    With the release of 2019.1 you could Link topography from a Civil 3D drawing (that has been published) to your Revit project.  In 2019.2, they increased the functionality and you can now add building pads and sub-regions to that Linked Topography.  Keep in mind that you need Autodesk Desktop Connector installed to get access to that link through BIM 360.

    For more information on the release, visit the Revit Blog – Revit 2019.2 new features connect data, cloud, and customers.

    Ever wonder how new features make it into the program? Revit Idea’s Page  is an Autodesk forum where they capture feedback and requests from users.