• Boost the power of Meridian with Cloud API Integrations

    Daniel Isaac
    Technical Consultant - Document Management

    While Enterprise resource planning and maintenance management platforms are versatile tools that can up productivity and lower operating costs, they normally offer basic engineering document management capabilities. 

    This can lead to users struggling to find the latest engineering documents related to assets. Without robust engineering document management tools, a business can see lower operating efficiency and ROI due to increased downtime, maintenance delays and safety incidents. 

    Meridian Cloud API allows you to unify all your enterprise tools with Accruent’s industry-leading Meridian document management solution to have a complete and efficient solution.

    Combining all these powerful systems will allow your business to better manage your assets and ensure that all your critical data is easily accessible, secure, a tracible throughout: 

    • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 
    • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) 
    • Computerized Maintenance Management system (CMMS) 
    • Enterprise Document Management (EDM) 

    How can Meridian Cloud API help your team? 

    The Meridian Cloud API enables integrations between your existing ERP, CMMS, or FM solutions and Accruent’s engineering document management solution, Meridian.  

    Meridian supplies a secure, scalable, and accessible repository for all technical and asset related documentation. This solution not only creates a single source of truth for your technical documents, but also meets compliance needs with industry-specific regulations. 

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    With the Meridian Cloud API, you will be able to: 

    • Create traceability between technical documents, assets and emails stored in Meridian 
    • Keep asset information uniform across platforms, creating one single source of truth for data 
    • View a list of all associated documents/information related to an asset in a single space 
    • Reduce duplication of data across multiple systems 

    Download the Meridian Cloud API brochure. 

    How can Meridian Cloud API help your teams? 

    Out of date information and data reduces operating efficiency. Meridian Cloud API will allow your teams to incorporate workflows and data synchronization across enterprise asset tools to maximize uptime and reduce data re-entry. 

    Synchronize critical data across different systems 

    • The ability to synchronize your documentation and assets between all your different tools will allow for fully integrated workflows. Having your companies’ technical documentation tied to their respective assets will reduce downtime and lower the total cost of maintenance. 

    Reduce duplication of data 

    • Utilizing multiple data repositories without sync capabilities will introduce the creation of duplicate entries which is both time-consuming and inefficient and may lead to increased opportunity for human error. This can lead to making costly decisions that rely on out of date information. 

    Whenever maintenance and engineering teams work out of many separate systems, it can lead to work order delays and negatively affect the safety of personnel in the field. 

    Meridian Cloud API integration will ensure your asset data and technical documents are up to date always to avoid these issues. 

    Learn more about Accruent’s engineering document management solution, Meridian. 

    Unify Your Engineering and Maintenance Departments with Meridian Cloud API 

    Meridian Cloud API can link your ERP, CMMS or EAM platform with our document management solution Meridian allowing for an update to date, single source of truth, and complaint Enterprise solution for your teams. 

    The SolidCAD Meridian team is available for your EDM implementation needs.