• CIM Project Suite 22.0.3 Released


    We are pleased to announce that our partner CTC Software released Civil 3D CIM Project Suite, version 22.0.3. It is now released and can be accessed on the CTC website.

    Below are release notes:

    22.0.39/17/2021CIM Project SuiteAuto GraderBug FixFixed an issue where “split points” in parent feature lines were causing an error. Fixed an issue where creating parallel child lines with a specified station range caused unexpected results. Fixed an issue where inward and outward offsetting was giving unexpected results. Fixed an issue where perpendicular child feature lines were not creating at the user-defined station values. Misc. user interface improvements.
    22.0.39/17/2021CIM Project SuiteCorridor MapperBug FixFixed an issue where corridors with disabled regions were causing the app to fail. Fixed an issue in how the app dealt with corridors containing previously mapped targets.
    22.0.39/17/2021CIM Project SuiteCorridor SplitterNew FeaturesAdded interactive region selection and graphical highlighting, providing a much more intuitive app workflow.
    22.0.39/17/2021CIM Project SuiteEarthwork ProcessorBug FixFixed an issue where the region offset command would not work on very small region objects.
    22.0.39/17/2021CIM Project SuiteLabel GenieBug FixFixed an issue where pipe networks could no longer be labelled.
    22.0.39/17/2021CIM Project SuitePipe PlannerBug FixFixed an issue where part elevations were not updating in the app after applying changes to the drawing. Fixed an issue where part elevations were not updating when importing external spreadsheets. Fixed an issue where pipe lengths for the pipe depth at interval property were not calculating correctly. Fixed an issue where parts of the same name, but in different pipe networks, were not allowed by the app. Fixed an issue where the structure rotation angle was incorrectly rounding.