• Civil 3D 2021.1 Update

    Matt Kolberg
    Technical Consultant — INFRA/GIS at SolidCAD  

    Autodesk has released the first update for Civil 3D 2021.  Find official documentation here.  Here are some highlights:

    • Feature Lines:
      • Easily insert elevation points or PIs on feature lines at their crossings with other feature lines.
      • Set grade or slope between multiple feature lines.  Use the previous new command to insert points first.
    • Pressure Networks:
      • Add/Move/Delete vertical bends from a pressure network.
      • Pipe run profile settings:
        • New overrides tab for specifying static or dynamic updates.
        • Profiles selection now includes a create from surface option.
      • You can now change a straight pipe to a curved pipe in profile view by grip editing, and change a curved pipe to a straight pipe.
    • BIM 360 Collaboration for Civil:  Support has been added for reference templates and sheet set data files.  You must install the latest update for the Desktop Connector.
    • ArcGIS:
      • You can add new objects that were created in Civil 3D to ArcGIS by moving them to an existing ArcGIS layer and then saving the layer back to ArcGIS. Changes to property set data are now saved back to ArcGIS along with the geometry.
      • Support has been added for exporting curves (instead of tessellated segments) to a file geodatabase.
    • Bridges
      • Support has been added for configuring layers for an existing bridge in a drawing.
      • Support has been added for assigning layers for bridge generic object subtypes.
    • Project Explorer: Autodesk Project Explorer for Civil 3D is an environment that allows you to review and analyze civil objects in the model. Here we will look at Alignments, Profiles, and Corridors.  See this YouTube playlist.  This is an extension which must be downloaded and  installed separately from 2021.1.