• Civil 3D 2022 CIM Suite Tools Updates from CTC


    We are excited to announce that our partner CTC Software released Civil 3D CIM Suites for version 2022. It is now live and can be found on the CTC website.

    The update can be downloaded from the about menus in the apps.

    For network licensing you will of course need new license files, which can be requested here: LicenseRequest@ctcsoftware.com.

    Standalone licensing has been updated already for current subscriptions.

    This release saw support updated to 2019-2022, a major new app for pipe networks, a completely rebuilt app for corridors, and many new features and fixes across the majority of the tools and both suites.

    Release notes for CIM suites 22.0.0:

    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Project SuitePipe PlannerFirst ReleaseLoad pipe networks in an in-app spreadsheet or export to external spreadsheets. Edit parameters and perform analyses in the spreadsheet then push changes back to the pipe network. Create customized manhole schedules, pipe depth reports, and detailed QTO.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Project SuiteCorridor MapperNew FeaturesCompletely rebuilt the legacy Corridor Mapper tool to a new app. Corridor Mapper version 2 allows for linking of subassemblies to styles and object names. Can also now select multiple subassemblies at once an assign targets to all of them. Subassemblies can now be mirrored to other subassemblies, so that when the source one changes all the dependent subassemblies update with it. A default surface can be assigned for surface targeting so that as new surface type subassemblies are added to the corridor their surface target will automatically assign. Users can filter out objects by type. Manual selection of targets has been added. A list of current targets is now available to view targets assign automatically and manually to a given subassembly.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Project SuiteAuto GraderBug FixFixed an issue where loading certain grading family templates caused an error. Fixed an issue where parent features lines being added to a surface in template insertion family types were causing odd surface behavior. Fixed an issue where naming a child grading component “parent” would cause the app to crash. Fixed an issue with template grading families where deletion of template feature line and subsequent running of a family referencing that template would result in deletion of all child feature lines.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Project SuiteAuto GraderEnhancementAdded support for partial station ranges to wrap around the end of closed parent feature lines. Added option to duplicate “split” points in parent features lines as PVIs in child feature lines. Added option in child feature line formatting when grading existing feature lines to “keep source” of existing feature lines. Added option in stations settings where users can specify the starting station to increment from, opposed to it always being 0+00.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Project SuiteAuto GraderNew FeatureAdded new feature for template insertion grading families, where Distance at Slope and Distance to relative Elevation methods can have the template insertion elevation determined by adjacent feature lines, and not just the parent feature line. This allows for smarter placement of grading pads relative to surrounding lot elevations.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Project SuitePipe DesignerBug FixFixed an issue where using cancel to escape out of the app would not allow a network license to be returned.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Project SuiteParts TaggerBug FixFixed an issue where using cancel to escape out of the app would not allow a network license to be returned.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Project SuiteData WizardBug FixFixed an issue where when object counts were zero the app would error when trying to create a table. Fixed an issue with embedded grids where scrolling didn’t work correctly.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Project SuiteEarthwork ProcesserBug FixFixed an issue where surface styling defaults in Options would uncheck “match default” when rebuilding earthwork sets. Fixed misc. issues where app settings were not saving correctly for future sessions within the app. Fixed an issue where the app errored on incorrectly drawn polylines.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Project SuiteEarthwork ProcesserEnhancementAdded option to multi-select region rows for mass editing.  Added zoom in drawing buttons for each region. Improved the region row visibility when earthwork sets are expanded. Improved messaging when illegal subgrade boundaries are utilized. Improved label placement to use largest area placement instead of centroid. User edits to labels will now not be overridden when earthwork sets are run, including label placement.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Project SuiteEarthwork ProcesserNew FeatureNew supporting function to all creation of automatic offsets of user-created polylines or feature lines. Users can reference existing region objects by manual selection  or filtering and specify an offset distance to quickly create subgrade regions that do not overlap.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Project SuiteLabel GenieBug FixFixed an issue where auto-feature lines could not be selected in the drawing.  Fixed an issue where erroring occurred when trying to save a template. Fixed an issue where app errored when running line and curve labels.  Fixed an issue where the Required Object field for surface type labels was not reseting correctly. Fixed an issue where unfound label styles were causing the interface to glitch. Fixed an issue where child styles for some categories were not appearing in the style lists. Fixed an issue where manual text overrides performed prior to using label genie were being erased.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Project SuiteLabel GenieEnhancementImproved user guide explanations for drawing source and label selection behavior.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Project SuiteParts SwapperBug FixFixed an issue where using retain size option would not properly allow parts to swap if those parts were not found in the parts lists and/or had identical descriptions for multiple part sizes.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Manager SuiteLayer BossEnhancementAdded legend in import results to better understand the different color coding of results. Added column header filters to excel export.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Manager SuiteLayer BossBug FixFixed an issue where the layers export dialog box wasn’t stretching components correctly. Fixed an issuye where, when the user settings in the user appdata folder did not exist, the app would error out. Fixed an issue where french color spellings were not recognized when export to or syncing from Excel. Fixed an issue where the description column would sometimes be empty when exporting to Excel. Adjust button order on import function to be more industry standard.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Manager SuiteLayer BossNew FeatureAdd a new column to the excel export titled “New Name”. This will allow users to change layer names in excel, then upon syncing back to the dwg, the layer name will change, but all references to that layer will stay intact.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Manager SuiteLinetype ManagerBug FixFixed an issue where certain .shx files could not be read.  Fixed an issue where some linetypes would not import. Added support for include periods (.) in the linetype name.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Manager SuiteSurvey Template ManagerBug FixFixed an issue where block references in point styles were not updated when exporting to Excel. Fixed an issue where multiple description key sets were appearing in the app, but did not exist in the drawing.
    22.0.06/24/2021CIM Manager SuiteTemplate TrackerBug FixFixed many issues where certain mleaders, layers, text styles and dimension style references were not found in the drawing. Fixed an issue where sorting by layer in layer editing dialog box caused an error. Fixed an issue where certain drawings would cause a looping error when opening Template Tracker. Added support for Pressure Network related references can now be tracked (2022 version only).