• Civil 3D: 2023.2 Update

    Matt Kolberg
    Technical Consultant — INFRA/GIS at SolidCAD  

    Autodesk has released the next update for Civil 3D 2023.  Find the release notes here. Install it from the Desktop App or download it from https://manage.autodesk.com

    In this blogger’s opinion, this is one of the most complete mid-cycle updates in recent memory. Here are some highlights:


    Always welcome!

    • Up to 60% Improvement
      During various operations including switching between drawings, corridor rebuild, and editing pipe networks.


    Labels, especially when many exist in a Civil 3D drawing, can affect performance. All these settings are designed to boost performance.

    • Toggle labels on or off in Paper Space or Model Space
      If you don’t need to see labels right now, turn them off with a new setting.
    • Level of Detail on or off
      As you zoom out, labels will disappear.
    • Redraw options
      Choose when and how labels are redrawn.


    Users have been asking for this one for quite a while.

    • Transitions
      Use a tabular interface to define how subassemblies’ parameters transition between stations. For example, the daylight slope can be 2:1 at 0+000, transitioning to 4:1 at 0+050. Bus bays, or any lane widening can be defined this way. We are no longer limited to using polylines or alignments as width targets.

    Profile Views

    Display additional information about objects and their proximity to a parent alignment.

    • Point Proximity Band
      Show the distance between points and the alignment, and labels distances within the alert distance in red:
    • Alignment Proximity Band
      Show the distance between an alignment and the parent alignment and use ticks to show alignment segments within the alert distance:

    Subassembly Composer

    If you create your own subassemblies, these new features will benefit your productivity and help to reduce errors.

    • Point, Link, and Shape codes
      Define these codes in a dialog and apply them when and where needed.

    • Find and Replace
      Find and replace values almost anywhere in your code.

    • Dynamic Updates
      Change the source definition, and automatically update the instances.

    Pressure Networks

    Since Pipe runs, we continue to get useful features in this area.

    • Connect to Structures
      Pressure pipes can now be connect to pipe network structures and labeled.

    • Appurtenances Don’t Move
      These objects had the nasty habit of moving when the pipe run was edited. This is no longer the case.


    These updates bring Civil 3D’s rail tool more in line with U.S. standards..

    • Turnout Blocks
      Turnout symbols can now be inserted perpendicular to the parent alignments.
    • Turnout Abbreviations
      Updated the abbreviation of critical points in the US turnout catalog in line with US regulations.

    Project Explorer

    Improve your reporting.

    • Property Set Objects
      Added support for reviewing property sets in the Project Explorer window.
    • Property Set Review
      Added support for including property sets in object sets, reports, AutoCAD tables, and spreadsheets.
    • Property Set Values
      You can determine the order and visibility of the value, description, and property names. Property set values can be edited.

    Grading Optimization

    Improve your preliminary grading.

    • Pathways
      Objects that represent sidewalks, driveways, and other ingress and egress paths.
    • Ridge Lines
      Objects that represent a linear elevation that directs drainage away from its placement.
    • Isolate Internal Zone Drainage
      You can now isolate drainage objects (drain lines, low points, and ridge lines) within a zone from affecting optimization outside of the zone boundaries.