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  • How Meridian Portal Can Help You Streamline Online Reviews

    Daniel Isaac
    Technical Consultant - Document Management

    A typical review scenario can look like the following: a technical drawing or document needs to be approved internally by a group of experts. 

    The relevant documents are gathered from various sources, printed, and mailed to the initial reviewer.  

    This review process is relatively easy to complete but can also incur delays due to the following issues: 

    • Someone is required to keep the review process moving through direct contact with the approval team 
    • Due dates can be missed without a document controller monitoring the status of a review 
    • Sequential reviews can cause delays in the later stages if feedback is required from someone who reviewed the document earlier in the process 

    Due to these typical constraints, reviews can be delayed. Still, by providing visibility to the proper stakeholders, the process can bypass any participant if their approval is not required to move forward. Approver’s roles must be communicated clearly during the initiation of a review, or else participants may fall back on previous experience. 

    These delays are exasperated by the paper chase required for review packages. If a critical approver is out of the office, it will lead to added time lost. 

    The Digital Age:  Online Reviews Can Lead to a Seamless Review Process 

     The digitization of plant assets has become the norm and will continue to be essential going forward. The Covid-19 epidemic has accelerated the need for a digital footprint due to much of the workforce working remotely. Organizations that have already embraced reality this have proven to be more nimble during these difficult times and are better equipped to handle unexpected events in the future. 

     Leveraging an on-premise or cloud-based EDMS (electronic document management system) can free up team resources by removing the paper chase required for manual reviews. EDM systems can also provide the following benefits: 

    • A cloud-based SaaS solution reduces the resources required to maintain software and eliminates the need to acquire hardware. 
    • Custom automated workflows can handle the review process for a smoother experience 
    • These systems can integrate with an existing computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and external contractor portals such as Meridian Portal 

    Meridian EDMS and Portal will provide your team with the ability to create a review package with specific roles (Lead Reviewer, Required Reviewer, Optional Reviewer). Automated emails generated by the review workflow will notify the group of the package contents. The review can be completed anywhere a user can access the internet and provides full support for markups and comments.   

    Comments and markups are fully tracked and available to the entire team through the process. The real-time responses will help eliminate reviewer bottlenecks by raising the visibility of the sequential review status for the whole group.  

    Like Accruent’s Meridian Portal, EDM solutions help teams work together with maintenance groups by providing complete control over handovers and the document review process. Collaborative online reviews allow your business to access documents from a single source of truth without the traditional bottlenecks and paper chases associated with manual paper reviews. 

    To learn more about Meridian solutions and how they can help your team, please contact  the  SolidCAD Meridian team. 
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