• How SaaS EDM Solutions makes remote work effective during Covid-19

    Daniel Isaac
    Technical Consultant - Document Management

    Many industries have been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic including Manufacturing, Utilities, and Transportation. As projects need to stay on track despite today’s challenges, we have all had to assess our normal collaboration strategies to focus on remote work and staying effective.

    Common questions that arise with so many employees working from home:

    • How do we collaborate with both our internal and external partners as we work from home without our usual access to our full suite of tools?
    • How do we confirm the accuracy of information received from external sources?
    • Do we have controls and workflows in place for project document sharing?

    Some companies have adapted quickly to the remote work reality as they have modern SaaS tools in place. They have had little impact on their day to day operations.

    Others are struggling to shift to this new paradigm. They are now forced to look for new collaboration tools to empower their employees and minimize downtime.

    When searching for the right capital project management tool the following questions arise:

    • How do we track project progress and meet compliance standards?
    • Can we control, digitize, and monitor tasks in our typical project workflow?
    • How do we provide access to all technical documentation to various stakeholders?
    • Is there a tool that is easy to learn and to use for rapid user adoption?

    A SaaS EDM application will tick all these boxes and provide the ideal solution to keep your projects on-time and your customers informed.

    Available in either SaaS or Cloud-based offerings, an Engineering Document Management (EDM) suite will provide the following instant benefits:

    • Web-based access to allow maximum flexibility for remote external and internal stakeholders.
    • Bi-directional updates to engineering documents and drawings with full workflow support.
    • Mobile access to all documentation which leads to increased employee collaboration and efficiency.

    A SaaS-based EDM solution will provide an adaptable tool for your remote workforce needs. If you have not implemented an EDM solution, now is the time.

    Accruent’s Meridian Cloud connects Engineering, Management, and Maintenance teams to ensure all documents and asset data are compliant and up to date.

    The SolidCAD Meridian team is available for your EDM implementation needs.