• How to reuse Revit content to supercharge your BIM infrastructure & standards


    By , AEC Technical Consultant at SolidCAD

    Looking for efficiencies when it comes to enhancing BIM infrastructure and standards? Repurposing Revit content from completed projects is a smart, efficient method of updating your template and warehouse or content folders on an ongoing basis. It also provides the opportunity to check how well your current processes and standards are working in real project situations.

    In this video, you will learn how to identify and extract valuable content from completed projects. We will identify the items to look for, how to extract them from the model efficiently and then how to get these items into your templates and content folders.

    At the end of this video you will:

    • Learn what to extract from completed projects to build out templates and content folders.
    • Learn how to extract content efficiently from previous projects.
    • Discuss how to set up a process and checklist for your company to complete these project closeouts on a regular basis.
    • Understand how to compare completed projects up against current processes and standards.