• Update: Canada Ontario Styles Kit for Civil 3D Now Available!

    Prem Joseph
    Technical Consultant — INFRA/GIS at SolidCAD  

    Canada Ontario Styles Kit for Civil 3D

    The Canada Ontario Styles Kit is available to download and contact SolidCAD today!

    Here are some Key Highlights  listed below:

    • DWT template containing Ontario Civil 3D settings and object/ label styles
    • Plan, Profile and Plan and Profile (MTO)template sheets
    • Predefined assemblies for creating intersections
    • Pay Item Data based on Ontario Provincial Specifications categories and MTO Contract Preparation System(CPS)
    • Pipe and Structure catalogue based on Ontario Provincial Standard Drawings
    • Figure Prefix Library and Description Keys specific to MTO Surveys and Plans standards
    • TAC (metric) design criteria for roadways
    • NCS Layers
    • MTO IESCAD Layers
    • Linetypes and Hatch Patterns
    • MTO IESCAD .LIN and .PAT files
    • MTO Description Keys
    • MTO Point Marker and Label Styles
    • MTO Survey Settings and Styles
    • MTO Alignment Object
    • MTO Stationing Styles
    • TAC Design Criteria
    • TAC Superelevation Tables
    • Preset “Assembly Set” created for Intersection wizard
    • Pipe and Structure Labels
    • Pipe and Structure Rules
    • OPSD Pipes Catalog
    • OPSD Pay Items and Categories
    • MTO – CPS Pay Items and Categories