KitConnect by Project Frog

KitConnect by Project Frog

Transforming the chaos of Design and Construction

About Kit Connect by Project Frog

At Project Frog they started tackling the individual problems associated with the growth of the built environment. As they solved each, moving on to the next, they scaled from part-level solutions to building-wide, from data point to dataflow, from instance to systems.

Project Frog are now a product and technology company offering tailored solutions to the Industrialized Construction (IC) industry. Their solution enables mass customization at scale through the intersection of design, manufacturing, and technology. This solution integrates product and technology methodology to automate the design, configuration, manufacturing interface and other redundant processes in the AEC world.

KitConnect is Project Frog’s Answer to Developing and Managing DfMA Content Directly in Your BIM Environment.

Link Design, Manufacturing and Construction processes under one module

KitConnect is an Integrated Revit to Web Application built on Forge

It manages a configurable, modular Kit-of-Parts content. This solution includes a Revit plug-in and a web application, centralizing data in the cloud and enabling easy project scaling.

KitConnect addresses 3 core concepts to scale your DFMA workflows across all AEC stakeholders

Configuration Control

Create Rules & Logic, allow more flexibility and fidelity while reflecting DFMA intent

Set your manufacturable designs free with rules and logic attached to your content. Let your Modules & kit-of-parts be configurable while ensuring all content remains buildable. Unlock the potential of your engineers, architects, and project teams by easily moving from design to manufacturing on project after project.

Data Centric Workflows

Centralized and reliable data in the cloud, exposed data across multiple environments, easy project scaling

Make your teams more efficient and deliver more projects on time by reusing reliable and centralized content. Discourage the use of project one-offs and let engineers focus on design optimization. KitConnect encourages re-use of designs with a high level of development. You can use our shared parts feature to quickly drive changes across large number of modules without the need to open and update each module separately.

Bill of Materials

Quickly go from a bounding box in Revit to a full Bill of Material (BOM)

In the web app, a roll-up bill of materials can be viewed in real-time and exported to .csv for live quantity takeoffs or export to other software. Users that need model context in their own documentation can connect to the same KitConnect project database and fetch the entire as-published project model.

A Platform With Best Built-in Industrialized Construction (IC) Practice Features

Content Management
Reduces repetitive modelling and detailing that has already been approved for fabrication on past projects. This feature eliminates errors that inevitably occur when recreating content and also prevents out-of-date designs from being used in projects by using the versioning feature.
Roles and Collaboration
Reduces number of design iterations between project designers and kit designers. Roles and collaboration feature allow only those with the expertise and knowledge of the kit to make detailed changes and permits those with limited knowledge of the kit to spin off rules-based changes.

This feature is a great way of preventing costly mistakes.

Enterprise Library
Allows you to easily reuse content on multiple projects, saving time, and ensuring consistency. It pushes updates across all projects and builds a truly scalable system that is easy-to-use and always up-to-date.
Model Quality Control
Your project accuracy is guaranteed by keeping kit components synchronized with their latest cloud definitions. Rules set by engineers and kit designers are programmatically enforced through synchronization and auditing features.
Level of Detail
View your content the way you want to! Quickly place low LOD bounding boxes and fill a project. They may seem like simple shapes, but with KitConnect they represent a full Bill of Materials (BOM). This feature gives you tremendous flexibility and speed in Revit.
Project Frog provides quarterly software updates – no need to hire developers to maintain the plugin for each Revit release.