• Recap 23.1 Update

    Matt Kolberg
    Technical Consultant — INFRA/GIS at SolidCAD  

    Autodesk’s point cloud management app, Recap, has a new update. Read about it here. Download it from your Desktop App, or at https://manage.autodesk.com/

    All these features are welcome, but two of them are great news to many, especially Civil 3D users. Specifically, the features related to point classification.

    Notable changes are:

    • Scans are now imported and indexed in parallel, meaning faster imports.
    • Clouds can be displayed using their classification if any exist in the imported file.

    • Classifications appear in the Project Explorer. These can be managed as needed. All points except, ground points, for example, can then be exported for use in other apps, like Civil 3D.

    • Unclassified points can be Automatically Classified. Scans must be structured, or the classification will fail.