• The Benefits of Accruent Meridian

    Shaun Mercer
    Technical Consultant - Electronic Content and Asset Management • Professional Services

    How the SolidCAD Meridian Team Can Help You!

    What is Accruent Meridian?

    Accruent Meridian is a software solution that helps organizations manage their document (Agreements, Compliance, Contracts, Drawings, Financial, Insurance, Plans) needs throughout their entire lifecycle. It is designed to streamline document management, ensure safety and compliance, maximize collaboration, and achieve a single source of asset (equipment) information.

    But is it the right software for your needs?

    In this blog post, we will explore some of the benefits and how the SolidCAD Meridian Team can help you implement, configure, manage, and troubleshoot Accruent Meridian software for its best uses.

    Benefits of Accruent Meridian

    Purpose-built for engineering document management: Unlike generic document management systems, Accruent Meridian software is tailored to the specific needs and challenges of engineering document management. It creates a single source of truth for all engineering documents and drawings with audit and version control functionality. It supports parallel changes, concurrent engineering, release management, handover management to internal and external stakeholders, and more. It provides regulatory compliance and reduced risks and costs associated incomplete or outdated data. It also integrates with popular CAD applications and other enterprise systems1.

    Cloud-based or on-premises deployment options: Accruent Meridian software offers flexible deployment options to suit different preferences and requirements. You can choose to host the software on your own servers or use the cloud-based version that is fully managed by Accruent.  The cloud-based version lowers infrastructure costs, reduces IT burden, and provides world-class security2.

    Built-in asset management: Accruent Meridian software not only manages documents, but also links them to physical assets. This enables you to access relevant documents from any asset location, view asset history and status, and perform asset maintenance and inspections. You can also leverage IoT remote monitoring to track asset performance and optimize operations1.


    Scalable and configurable: Accruent Meridian software can handle large volumes of documents and users without compromising performance or usability. It integrates with most major EAM systems and allows maintenance teams to access accurate documentation at click of a button. It can also be configured to meet your specific business processes, workflows, and standards. You can customize metadata properties, document types, user roles, permissions, notifications, reports, and more3.


    How the SolidCAD Meridian Team can Help You

    Learning curve: Accruent Meridian software is a powerful and complex solution that may require training and guidance to use effectively.

    How can the SolidCAD Meridian Team Help You:

    Migration challenges: If you are switching from another document management system to Accruent Meridian software, you may face some challenges in migrating your existing data and documents. You will need to ensure that your data is compatible, consistent, and complete before importing it into the new system. You will also need to map your old metadata properties and document types to the new ones.

    How can the SolidCAD Meridian Team Help You:

    • Create a data migration strategy and plan to define the scope, objectives, risks, and timeline of the project.
    • Audit and cleanse the source data to ensure its quality, accuracy, and completeness.
    • Map document type and metadata fields between source and Meridian and resolve conflicts and inconsistencies.
    • Design and implement the data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) process using specific tools and techniques.
    • Test and validate the migrated data to ensure integrity, functionality, and performance.
    • Monitor and troubleshoot any errors or issues throughout and after the data migration.
    • Document and report the data migration results and outcomes.

    Cost: Accruent Meridian software is not a cheap solution. It is an enterprise-grade software that comes with a price tag that reflects its value and capabilities. The cost of the software depends on various factors such as the number of users, licenses, modules, features, deployment options, support levels, etc.

    How can the SolidCAD Meridian Team Help You:

    • Scope of Work: Assist in streamlining the size and complexity of your Meridian implementation:
      • Features
      • Integrations
      • Number of Users
      • Deployment Model (Cloud or on-premise)
    • Infrastructure Model: Cost effective and efficient way to host, store and manage Meridian.
      • Dedicated Servers
      • Cloud Services
      • Hybrid Solutions
    • Professional Management: The Meridian implementation and management is not a one-time event. Meridian will need regular updates and maintenance, let the SolidCAD team lower the:
      • Management Costs
      • Headaches
      • Testing
      • Security
      • Future Updates and Maintenance
      • Changing Needs
      • Advancements 

    Industries using Accruent Meridian:

    • Manufacturing
    • Oil & Gas
    • Chemical
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Utilities
    • Infrastructure
    • Government
    • Engineering


    Accruent Meridian software is a comprehensive solution for document management that can help you streamline your processes, ensure compliance and safety, maximize collaboration, and achieve a single source of asset information.


    To learn more about Accruent Meridian and how it can help your team, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the SolidCAD Meridian team.