Using Meridian Portal to Streamline Cloud-based Reviews

Daniel Isaac
Technical Consultant - Document Management

A typical scenario in today’s work from home reality needs a technical document package to be reviewed by a dedicated team of experts. A document controller accomplishes this by gathering the required hard copies and physically sending them to the appropriate stakeholders around the office using mail.

This traditional workflow presents some challenges:

  • A resource is required to keep the team on track and to ensure mail delays are controlled, which tends to extend the review process
  • Any feedback made in the late stages of reviews may require more mail transactions, causing delays
  • The team must clearly understand reviewer roles and sign off requirements, or the entire process may slow down due to some people thinking they need to approve things when it is not required.
  • Chasing the hard copies through the mailing process is tough, especially when critical resources are out of the office

The Digital Approach: Moving your review online for better efficiency

The Manufacturing sector is quickly moving to digital solutions, especially during this Pandemic. More and more tools are being pushed to the cloud to ensure maximum availability for a home-based workforce and resources in the field.

The power of cloud-based SaaS Software is coming to light during these challenging times. With less in-house hardware requirements for application, storage, and database management, these solutions allow for more uptime and increased efficiency. The flexibility granted by a fully integrated suite such as Meridian EDMS + Meridian Portal highlights the ease of use of going digital.

The Meridian suite will provide the following benefits:

  • Full role-based review control throughout the process (Lead Reviewer, Required Reviewer, Optional Reviewer) which will give precise requirements from the Review team
  • Automated workflow-based email notifications to all critical Reviewers to increase visibility and efficiency
  • Cloud-based markups and comments are made on the reviewed technical documents, which are visible to the entire team. Comments are instantly added using the standard conversation reply style and are fully tracked to reduce any bottlenecks

Engineering document management solutions like Accruent’s Meridian Portal assist engineering teams, and project managers streamline day to day operations by optimizing document reviews and the conversation around them. Online reviews provide instant access to a single source of truth without relying on traditional hard copy prints and packages.

To learn more about Meridian Portal and how it can help your team, please contact the SolidCAD Meridian team.

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