• Working with Bluebeam Studio Project – Part 1

    Jonathan Guibert
    Account Manager - AEC QC , Bluebeam / Laser Scan 3D

    Introduction: What is Studio Project

    Studio Project is a cloud-based light document management system that allows people to centralize and access their project data using Bluebeam Revu Interface. Files within Studio Project can be checked out for editing (ex: revisions) and checked back in to create different version of a single document instead of creating multiple duplicate of the same or, overwriting important data.

    Before Starting

    1ST STEP – Create a Bluebeam ID

    In order to be able to use Bluebeam Studio services, you need to create a Bluebeam ID. It’s free and simple.

    Basically, open your Bluebeam Revu, then go in Bluebeam Studio section and click on Sign In

    Right after, the following dialog box will appear fill the form and finish by clicking on CREATE AN ACCOUNT button

    You will have to review the terms of use and click the I ACCEPT button if you agree with these terms. A confirmation email will be sent after to confirm your Bluebeam ID.

    Check your email (and spam box if you don’t see the email in your INBOX after 5 mins) and confirm your Bluebeam ID.

    You are now set to start using Bluebeam Studio.

    Part 1: Creating a Project

    As previously written, Bluebeam Studio Project acts as a single source of truth for all your project documents. So, to maintain this statement, you will need to be able to understand what you can or cannot do with Studio Project. You will also need to know how to set up a project, to configure permissions and to share the information internally or externally.

    To create a new project, go to Bluebeam Studio section and click connect. From there, you have 2 options: creating a Session or creating a Project.

    Now, select Projects and then, click on the + (add) button (as circle in red) and select New Project as shown in the picture below

    After doing so, a dialog box will appear, and you will be asked to name your Project

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