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CMAC-Thyssen Mining Group is a contractor and mining equipment manufacturer offering a diverse range of fully integrated services with contracts carried out across multiple continents and over 850 employees worldwide. CMAC-Thyssen Mining Group makes the mining profession accessible through their unique training program, mechanized equipment, solid partnerships and innovations.

They have been working with SolidCAD since 2015 and maintain a strong relationship to this day. Being such a prominent company in their industry, CMAC-Thyssen stays up to date with the most efficient software and training to help them succeed.

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Improving data flow with Vault, Inventor and AutoCAD!

The Challenge

Due to their vast international client base, CMAC-Thyssen accrued a tedious amount of paper data. The production team was unable to access drawings without help from their engineering department. This ultimately slowed down their workflow as their engineers became overwhelmed with the huge amount of information and lack of resources to efficiently store it.

The Solution

CMAC-Thyssen reached out to SolidCAD to streamline their processes and improve data management. Our team of industry professionals was able to assess their needs and implement AutoCAD, Vault and Inventor to help bring their data into the digital world. Rather than speeding up the processes they had in place, our technicians helped them rethink their processes altogether and streamline their entire workflow through organized and accessible data.

The Results
  • Since implementing these solutions, CMAC-Thyssen has seen a huge leap in productivity.
  • The production team can now access the most up-to-date drawings independently.
  • Document retrieval for 3rd parties had improved by 100%.
  • They have improved document filing and now have more flexible archiving.
  • Documents can be easily accessed online without the need for physical records.

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SolidCAD does their job very well, we have a good relationship with them. Their technicians helped us with implementation and are an integral part of the team. There has been a lot of collaboration and it is very appreciated on our part. I advise other companies who have the same challenges as we did to choose SolidCAD, a supplier with a long history of technical and problem-solving experience, communication, resources and a lot of knowledge. Their staff has a lot of lived experience. Instead of wasting time trying to search online and solve workflow problems on your own, call on the expertise of SolidCAD.
-Normand Gauthier,
IT Manager at CMAC-Thyssen Mining Group

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