• Common Tech Issue of the Week #1

    Catherine Zheng
    Technical Support at SolidCAD

    PDF created from AutoCAD shows frames around text in PDF viewer



    When viewing a PDF from AutoCAD in a PDF viewer, such as Foxit Reader or Adobe Reader, frames are displayed around text.


    Text frames are displayed by the PDF viewer and are not an inherent feature of the PDF or something that AutoCAD did in its creation. By default, frames are displayed in Foxit Reader and are turned off in Adobe Reader. The frames indicate there are comments linked to the affected text.


    In AutoCAD 2017 and later, a new system variable, PDFSHX, has been added

    –  Set PDFSHX to 0

    In AutoCAD 2016, a new system variable, EPDFSHX, was added to address this issue with, AutoCAD 2016 Service Pack 1 :

    –   Install AutoCAD 2016 Service Pack 1.

    –  At the command line, enter EPDFSHX.

    –   Adjust the system variable to 0.