• Update: Canada Ontario Styles Kit for Civil 3D Now Available!

    Canada Ontario Styles Kit for Civil 3D

    The Canada Ontario Styles Kit is available to download and contact SolidCAD today!

    Here are some Key Highlights  listed below:

    • DWT template containing Ontario Civil 3D settings and object/ label styles
    • Plan, Profile and Plan and Profile (MTO)template sheets
    • Predefined assemblies for creating intersections
    • Pay Item Data based on Ontario Provincial Specifications categories and MTO Contract Preparation System(CPS)
    • Pipe and Structure catalogue based on Ontario Provincial Standard Drawings
    • Figure Prefix Library and Description Keys specific to MTO Surveys and Plans standards
    • TAC (metric) design criteria for roadways
    • NCS Layers
    • MTO IESCAD Layers
    • Linetypes and Hatch Patterns
    • MTO IESCAD .LIN and .PAT files
    • MTO Description Keys
    • MTO Point Marker and Label Styles
    • MTO Survey Settings and Styles
    • MTO Alignment Object
    • MTO Stationing Styles
    • TAC Design Criteria
    • TAC Superelevation Tables
    • Preset “Assembly Set” created for Intersection wizard
    • Pipe and Structure Labels
    • Pipe and Structure Rules
    • OPSD Pipes Catalog
    • OPSD Pay Items and Categories
    • MTO – CPS Pay Items and Categories