• Civil 3D: 2023 Release

    Civil 3D: 2023 Release

    Autodesk has just released its flagship Civil Engineering modelling application, Civil 3D 2023.  Click here to join the live webinar on April 19thClick here for Autodesk documentation.  Click here for the 2023 help page.

    Read on to find out more.

    There are several useful new features, but I know the question on almost everyone’s mind is “Has the format changed?”  The answer, happily, is no!  2018 is still the native format for drawings saved with AutoCAD and Civil 3D 2023.  Backwards compatibility has been maintained.

    In no particular order, check out some of the new features and enhancements:

    2022.1 Update

    All the features from the 2022.1 updates are included in 2023.


    Significant performance enhancements are reported.

    Grading Optimization

    • Help Center – get assistance in the form of tutorials, sample files, and workflows.
    • Progress Bar – see visual cues about the progress.
    • It’s available for download now!

    Project Explorer

    • Display custom notes and quantities.
    • It’s available for download now!

    Geotechnical Modeler

    • It’s available for download now!

    Pressure Networks

    • Keyword Search – search for parts to model.
    • Property Sets – show in profile view labels.
    • Profile Editing – reduce PVIs and other enhancements.
    • Cut Length – specify a cut length if none is defined in the catalogue.


    • CANT – label enhancements.
    • Catalogue – replace a catalogue when modified.

    Additional Updates

    • Corridor Targets – target multiple surfaces, dynamic target layers.
    • Property Sets – dynamically updates with changes to the corridor.


    Civil 3D: New Geotechnical Modeler

    Civil 3D: New Geotechnical Modeler

    Autodesk has released a new extension for Civil 3D 2022 called the Geotechnical Modeler.  It replaces the former extension named the Geotechnical Module, which was developed by Keynetix and acquired by Bentley.  The last version of the former extension worked with Civil 3D 2021.

    Today, Autodesk delivered a webinar outlining the functionality of this new extension.  If you missed it, you can watch the recording here.  There is also a short video here on YouTube.

    Here is the online help document.


    Once installed, you’ll find sample data in this folder %PROGRAMDATA%\Autodesk\C3D-GeoTechModeler-2022\SampleData.