• Why BIM in MEP?

    Shirley Sio
    Account Manager

    Why BIM in MEP?

    75% of a project’s operational costs in the first 10 years are MEP related. Implementing BIM solution can demonstrate a savings of just 8 minutes per employee each week, and a reduction in change order on every projects – Autodesk

    Let us do a rough calculation at the operational cost that is wasted:

    8 minutes X 300 employees =2400 minutes

    2400 minutes / 60 mins = 40 hours wasted each week

    40 hours X 52 weeks = 2080 hours

    2080 hours per year X $100 employment hourly rate =$208,000 CAD

    Therefore, $208,000 CAD is wasted a year with unproductive operation cost.

    To have the ability to utilize the best from BIM helps you to save cost and to improve your productivity.

    If you want to understand and learn more about BIM Implementation and approach, we have a great team of experts supporting individuals and organizations in terms of BIM training and helping them to set up a strong foundation project to reach independence. SolidCAD has many successful cases in thriving BIM implementation in various cases.

    Please feel free to reach out to me at shirley.sio@solidcad.ca for more information.

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